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Trendy Flowers | Black

Trendy Flowers | Black

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Red is the dominant color this season and what better
showcase of it than roses –that most iconic of all flowers.
Heady florals in more somber tones bring the summery trend into other seasons

Our idea

At Bagz we want to play our part in looking after the world,
our Bagz is reusable, washable and recyclable,
we use recycled PET bottles to create these wonderful Bagz.

Use it many times to lessen your impact on the environment.
Good for the world, great for carrying your stuff around in style.


• Background color: Black
• Bag size (without handles): 45 cm W X 45 cm H
• Handles 26 cm H
• Folded Bag 12 cm W X 12 cm H
• 100% Polyester (made from recycled plastic)
• Washable
• Recyclable